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List Server Features

Our LetterRIP ® list server offers all of the basic functionality that you need to set up and manage your list. Our Lyris ® list server offers a full range of additional options for your unique listserve.

Feature: LetterRIP ® Service Lyris ® Service
Announcement List Servers Yes Yes
Discussion List Servers Yes Yes
Moderated List Servers Yes Yes
Private List Servers Yes Yes
Email Management Yes Yes
Web Management No Yes
Bounce and Purge Handling Manual
(Third-Party Programs Available)
Archives No Yes
Custom Domain Yes Yes
Digests Yes Yes
Subscribe Confirmation Yes (Required) Yes (Required)
Sub/Unsub Using A Form/Script Yes Yes
Custom Header and Footer Yes Yes
Custom Email Headers Yes Yes
Custom Responses Yes Yes
List Size Any with good
Bounced Mail Management
HTML Email Support Yes Yes
Attachment Support Yes Yes
DocBots and Autoreponders No Yes
Statistics and Reports Basic Daily Report Detailed Daily, Weekly or
Monthly Report

Private List Servers

Private list servers require administrator approval for new members.

With the LetterRIP ® list server, the list administrator must add new members via email administration. Any new members who attempts to add themselves via a direct email request to the list server will be rejected and will receive an error notice.

With the Lyris ® list server, members may add their email address to the list server via email or via the listserve web interface, but members will not begin receiving listserve messages until an administrator has approved their membership.

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Email Management

Using password-protected email, listserve administrators may send commands to subscribe, unsubscribe, change member options, etc.

LetterRIP ® list server email management includes options for subscribing members (regular or digest subscriptions), unsubscribing members, counting the number of current members, changing a member's email address, receiving a list of currently subscribed members and finding member addresses with a search string.

Lyris ® list server email management includes options for adding and deleting members (with subscription options), approving or rejecting membership requests, moderating email messages, receiving a report of membership or list of membership and sending documents to listserve members.

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Web Management

Lyris ® list server provides a web interface to manage all aspects of your list including posts to list members, list options, member options, incoming and outgoing mail, statistics and docbots. See an example of the web interface in our List Server Demo section.

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Bounce and Purge Handling

LetterRIP ® list server does not automatically remove bad email addresses. Rather, the listserve administrator receives Bounced Mail Digests when any post is made to the list. Bounced Mail Digests allow the listserve administrator to view transaction details for each failed email delivery and decide whether to manually remove the address from the listserve. Third-party programs such as LetterBounce can help automate the Bounced Mail Digest processing.

Lyris ® list server automatically places bad email addresses on hold after a specified number of attempts. Email addresses may remain on hold or may be automatically purged after a specified number of days.

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Lyris ® list server can archive messages for browsing by list members or visitors (optional). List archives are stored for 6 months. Messages older than 6 months are stored by A-List Hosting and can be exported by A-ListHosting into a text file upon request.

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Custom Domain

The LetterRIP ® and Lyris ® list servers allow you to use a custom domain (e.g., list.domain.com). You may use your own domain or choose from one of ours:

  • talklist.com
  • talklist.net
  • listserve.us
  • pageplanet.com


The LetterRIP ® and Lyris ® list servers allow members to receive a compiled digest of all email messages posted for the previous day rather than each email message as it is posted to the list.

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Subscribe Confirmation

Subscribe confirmations require a new member to reply to an email request for list membership. Required subscribe confirmations reduce the number of fake and unrequested email addresses in your list which will reduce spam complaints. A-List Hosting requires subscribe confirmations for all lists with open subscriptions.

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Sub/Unsub Using A Form/Script

Using a standard HTML form and some type of send mail script, you may offer list sign-up from your web site. The script will translate form information into an email command to your listserve.

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Custom Email Header and Footer

The header and footer of posts may be customized in both the LetterRIP ® and Lyris ® list servers. By default, the Lyris ® list server footer shows the email address where the member receives list messages and a unique ID for easy and accurate unsubscribes.

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Custom Email Headers

Email headers may be customized or added to each post for information such as list information links, unsubscribe forms, etc.

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Custom Responses

All list server responses including welcome and goodbye messages may be customized.

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DocBots and Autoresponders

A Lyris ® list server provides DocBots ™ or simple Autoresponders. A DocBot is an email address which parses any email sent to it and responds with emails for matching keywords.

For example, you could create an entire technical support system where customers receive help specific to the keywords in their help request. If a customer sends and email containing "FTP", the service could automatically respond with a "File Transfer Protocol" guide.

You can create and maintain all your DocBots ™ using the Lyris ® Web Interface.

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