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List Server Partner Program

Do you own a hosting company, ISP, marketing firm, design firm, programming firm or advertising agency? Outsource your list server needs with A-List Hosting's Partner Program. List servers are an excellent residual income stream for companies associated with marketing and web development.

Becoming A Partner

To become an A-List Hosting Partner, please contact us or complete our information request form.


  • 10% to 20% Discount on All Listserve Charges
  • Unrestricted Mark-ups
  • Statement Summary for Easy Billing
  • Direct, Anonymous Support for Your Clients
  • Superb Reliability and Services

Discount Schedule

By signing up just 3 list server accounts with A-List Hosting, you begin earning a discount on all listserve charges. Discounts increase up to 20% as you register additional list server clients (see the chart below).


0 - 2 0%
3 - 24 10%
25 - 49 12.5%
50 - 74 15%
75 + 20%

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As an A-List Hosting partner, you may increase your profits beyond the discount by marking up our list server prices to what the market will bear.

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On the 15th of each month, a statement and invoice for each client is mailed to you. As an A-List Hosting partner, the listserve billing agreement for the accounts you register is between you, the partner, and A-List Hosting. Therefore, you are responsible for all charges incurred by you and your clients. In turn, you may manage your accounts by requesting temporary or permanent disconnection of delinquent accounts.

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Anonymous Support

As a service to our partners, A-List Hosting offers telephone technical support directly to your clients. To protect your business, the technical support number is always answered as "Technical Support", rather than "A-List Hosting". If the client should press as to whom they are speaking with specifically, we simply respond as PagePlanet. If pressed by the client for more information about just who PagePlanet actually is, they will be simply informed that PagePlanet hosts only for partners and does not host listserves directly to the consumer. A-List Hosting will never be mentioned.

The technical support number (919-852-5262) is intended to be given out freely and there is no additional charge for technical support for either the partner or the client - provided that the client is in need of technical assistance that directly involves A-List Hosting list server issues.

The partner is responsible for assisting their clients if the issue involves things outside the scope of their listserve such as email settings, browser settings and internet connections.

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