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List Server FAQs

Why do I need a list server when I can send emails from my desktop?

A list server specializes in the delivery of mass emails. To send an email campaign from your desktop, you would either have to send one email to every recipient or carbon-copy all recipients (thereby showing the addresses to everyone). With a list server, you send one email and the list server software distributes that email to your list.

A list server also deals with bounced email messages more efficiently than a regular email server. Your email host will not appreciate a ton of bounced emails clogging their incoming mail server.

Why should I pay for a list server when I can get it for free from other sites?

Many sites offer free list servers, but you will also find that they post banner ads on your list server site and do not offer the features or service of a professional list server company. In this case, the adage "You get what you pay for" is true.

Do I need a web site in order to use list servers?

No, you only need an email account. You may use one of our domains for your web interface if you do not have a web site of your own.

Will I be charged for using services beyond my contract?

We sell all services with specific maximums. All list services are monitored and should you exceed your contracted limits on a consistent basis, you will need to upgrade your service.

Will my list show banner ads?

No, we will never display text or graphic banner ads on your list.

Will I need to buy any software?

No, all list server software resides on our system. With the LetterRIP ® list server you will manage your list with email commands. With the Lyris ® list server you will manage your list with either email commands or the web interface.

Does it matter what operating system or browser I use?

No. Since you will be managing your list server via email or the web, any operating system, browser or email application should be compatible.

Do I need much experience with lists to administer Lyris ®?

No, the Lyris ® list server is very easy to use. We provide an online manual and each option for your listserve links directly to a help section in the online manual. For the most part, once we set up your listserve, you only need to add members and post messages.

What version of Lyris ® does A-List Hosting use?

We currently use version 4 of Lyris ®. We will likely upgrade to version 5 in the short-term future and will upgrade to version 6 when it has proven to be completely stable. We prefer reliability over new features.



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