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List Server Policies

Privacy Policy

Any email added to a list server hosted by A-List Hosting remains the property of the list owner. Any administrative changes to the listserve or listserve membership will only be made with written permission from the listserve owner or listserve administrator. A-List Hosting will not sell, license, distribute, disclose or otherwise use any customer's email membership. However, A-List Hosting may access any listserve directly for the purpose of removing members who have requested to be removed in writing to A-List Hosting.

Spamming Policy

A-List Hosting clients or clients' users may not use the A-List Hosting system to send unsolicited emails (SPAM) for any purpose commercial or non-commercial. An email will be considered spam if the listserve member has not specifically granted permission for the listserve owner to send them email. If your email membership is derived from harvesting, purchase (even with the original list owner's permission), or any other means other than direct subscription, any email sent to the listserve will be considered unsolicited (SPAM).

A-List Hosting will investigate all complaints of unsolicited email. A-List Hosting reserves the right to suspend or cancel your listserve for any email we determine to be unsolicited. It is the listserve owner's responsibility to keep documentation of all opt-in email subscriptions as proof of request.

If you are a listserve member and feel that you have received unsolicited email, please complete our complaint form.

Double Opt-In Policy

A-List Hosting requires a double opt-in subscription method for all listserve members. A new member shall not receive email from the listserve until the member receives and replies to a single subscription request from the requested member address. The original subscription request may not contain advertising or information other than the subscription request and listserve owner contact information.

Opt-Out Policy

All listserve messages must contain unsubscribe instructions in the email headers and/or the body or the footer of the email message itself. Any member who requests to be removed manually from your listserve must be removed within 10 business days of the removal request.

Undeliverable (Bounced) Mail Policy

The list server attempts to send each message to each listserve member. During the attempted delivery of the message, the receiving email server may report a permanent error with the recipient's email address (for example, "user unknown", "addressee unknown", "mailbox unavailable", etc.).

Any email address with a permanent error should be removed immediately from your list and must be removed from your list no later than the third attempted delivery to the address. LetterRIP administrators need to review the Bounced Mail Digest and remove permanent errors manually. Lyris administrators may use the automatic bounce handling, but must configure the list to hold bounced addresses after 3 or less attempts.

An email address that was removed due to a permanent error may not be re-added to the list by the listserve owner for any reason. If the email address owner reinstates their email address, the email address owner may resubscribe directly using the double opt-in method.

Excessive permanent errors indicate both that list members were not added via a double opt-in method and that email addresses with permanent errors have not been removed according to the Undeliverable Mail Policy. A-List Hosting reserves the right to suspend or cancel your listserve for excessive permanent errors.

User Agreement

The policies listed above are incorporated into our complete user agreement.

Read the List Server User Agreement


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